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May 31, 2023
So much has happened this year! The most exciting thing is my multi-generational picture book story about dementia, THE MEMORY JAR, is out in the world. Publication day was April 11, 2023. I'm grateful to my editor at Roan & Weatherford Publishing/Young Dragons, Amy Cowan, for all her help in getting my story published. I'm grateful to my editor, Clarissa Willis, for seeing the potential in my story and for offering me a contract in April 2021. Victoria Marble did an amazing job illustrating the story, and she and Casey Cowan designed a gorgeous cover.
Support for this book has been overwhelming. Amy informed me they had 320 pre-orders. The reviews on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and GoodReads touch my heart. The comments and support I've received on twitter and Facebook have all been positive and uplifting.
I'm looking forward to the other books of mine that Young Dragons plans to publish. GRANDPA'S BARN has an August 2024 release date. HEART OF STONE, 2025. And May 19, 2023, I signed a contract for a fourth book. GRANDMOTHER'S QUILT will be released in 2026. A book a year! Yea!
I'm also grateful for my agent, Dawn Dowdle, of the Blue Ridge Literary Agency. She is sending my manuscripts to publishers that only accept agented submissions. There have been a few close calls, but as yet, no offers. Dawn did handle my last contract with Young Dragons. I brought her into the mix after getting an offer on my submission. Dawn presently has five of my manuscripts out on submissions.
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Becky Walker designed a worksheet for THE MEMORY JAR and included it with her interview. She has given me permission to share it on my sites. It's a wonderful activity for kids to help them get started with their own memory jar. Here is the download link:



Here are a few of the many 5 stars reviews for THE MEMORY JAR:

Caring for and understanding the needs of a loved one with memory loss can be difficult to navigate for adults. For young children, it can cause uncertainty and confusion. With a unique idea and determination, Amelia creates a clever way to help her Grammy revisit memories from days gone by. Readers will acquire a better understanding of memory loss through this sweet story that shows love and care as Amelia and Grammy revisit their beautiful memories.

Suzy Leopold

The Memory Jar is a very sweet story that handles a difficult subject (a child dealing with an aging adult with suffering from dementia) in a very delicate and thoughtful way. Readers will be empowered to create their own memory jars for the special adults in their lives who might be going through the same thing! The writing is clear, concise, and leaves room for the lovely illustrations. This is a subject not often addressed in picture books; add this one to your library!

E Forrestal

This is such an important topic. So many families have to face slowly losing a family member to dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. It is tragic and effects everyone in the family. I love how Amelia came up with the idea to write down Grandmom's memories so she could read and help Grandmom remember. What a wonderful way preserve her memories and a special way to bond with Grandmom. A true treasure to pass on to future generations.

I am sure this book will help families and caregivers deal with what they face everyday. But most of all, it will give children a way to understand what is happening and how they can assist in taking care of someone they love. Victoria did a very nice job creating the characters and scenes to make the story come alive.

Kathy Temean

The Memory Jar by Debra Daugherty and Illustrated by Victoria Marble is a beautiful book both in story and illustration. It’s a heartwarming story about a grandchild’s attempt to unlock the memories that they shared with their grandparent who is struggling with Alzheimer's disease.

The author does a great job at keeping the language simple enough for a younger audience and at the same time, clearly conveying the deep affection between a child and their grandparents and the compassionate desire to connect.

I love how Ms. Marble’s illustrations reflect the past (stories) and tie so well with the present.

Overall, I highly recommend this important picture book for both the young and old. Share the book with one another and your own stories too! Maybe even make a “Memory Jar” together. As the book suggests, there is so much we can still share with those we love who struggle with memory loss.

Juli Caveny

I love the child agency in this story! When her grandmother begins to forget things and sometimes doesn't even remember her name, a young girl comes up with a wonderful idea. She writes down all the stories her grandmother had told her about family memories. She folds each piece of paper and puts it in a jar. And then, when she goes to visit her grandmother, she gives her the jar as a present and her grandmother pulls out one paper and reads it and it sparks a happy memory.
What a great activity for kids to do with grandparents and parents - even if there are no problems - but it's especially helpful if someone in the family suffers from Alzheimer's or other dementia related diseases.

Vivian Kirkfield

Adjusting to a relative with memory issues is tough for both adults and children. In The Memory Jar, a wonderful idea brings happiness to both Amelia and Grammy. Loved this sweet story that explains dementia in a gentle way, with illustrations that so effectively capture the here-and-now, as well as the past!

Gail Bradburn

What a beautiful and easy to understand way to explain to young children the awful disease of dementia. Also gives fantastic story of how the young girl was able to help her Grammy remember the happy times in her life.

Tasha Reed

“…an inspiring book that approaches the topic of dementia in a sensitive way children can understand…The illustrations simply melt your heart. Prepare to laugh and cry.”

Linda S. Mai

THE MEMORY JAR is special to me because of my Aunt Luella. She had Alzheimer's. She is the person who inspired this story, and I dedicated the book to her memory. I believe she would be happy to know how many lives this story has touched.

Cherish your memories!

Debra Daugherty